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Calendario Apocalittico 5 (2 illustrations)

Reference number: MAM405

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Title: Calendario Apocalittico 5 (2 illustrations)

Author/s: Miguel Ángel Martín

Type of work: Originals, Culture

Technique: Ink and aniline

Dimensions: 7,1x7,5 in. each illustration

Year: 2012

Published in: Calendario Apocalittico 2012

These are two of the original artworks that Miguel Ángel Martín drew for ilustrate "Calendario Apocalittico 2012" (Edizioni NPE). 

Illustration 1: "Easter" 7,1x7,5 in.

Illustration 2: "Summer solstice" 7,1x7,5 in.

(Illustration 1 + Illustration 2): 300 € (Not sold separately)

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