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(Santander, 1971)

He starts publishing his stories in TMEO magazine at the age of 17 in 1988. Nowadays his illustrations and cartoons appear regularly in El Jueves, Mongolia, GQ, Esquire, Cáñamo, and, of course, in TMEO, whose managing board he belongs to. He collaborates with a lot of fanzines: Viernes Peronistas, La Kurda, Monográfico, Gruñiverso, Ultrarradio, etc., and he occasionally illustrates the odd book. His work has been collected in eight monographic albums, the latest of them being Proyecto Andrómina, belonging to the collection ROJO of Autsaider Comics. He has worked as an ideas man for over 15 years. Now, apart from drawing, he also picks up fruit and lives happier. If you want to track him, you can do it by visiting his website

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