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Lola Lorente

Bigastro (Alicante) Spain, 1980

A bachelor of Fine Arts from Valencia Polytechnic University, she studied Illustration in Escola Massana (Barcelona). She won the national award of the illustration contest INJUVE, was nominated best newcomer artist in the international festival FICÓMIC (Barcelona), won the grant offered by Fundación Arte y Derecho (VEGAP) and was a resident at La Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme. She has published in the fanzine Enfermo and comic magazines such as Nosotros somos los muertos, Tos, Humo or Dos Veces Breve. She has just launched her first graphic novel, Sangre de mi sangre, published by Astiberri Editors in Spain and by Cambourakis in France. She has contributed to La Vanguardia, Público and El País fashion supplement. 

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