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Paco Alcázar

Born in Cádiz (Spain), he started his career as a comic book writer in the early 90’s. In 1997 he compiled all his collaborations in “¡Escarba, escarba!”. He has created “Porque te gusta” (1999), “Moho” (2000), “Todo está perdido” (2001). At the same time he published the series “Mecanismo blanco” en El Víbora and “Silvio José, el buen parásito” in the magazine El Jueves. Over the last few years, his work as a comic writer and illustrator has appeared in periodicals including NSLM, 40, El País Semanal, Cinemanía, Rockdelux, Blab!, Rolling Stone, MAN or El Manglar. Along with his graphic activity, he has also engaged actively in music; he started the electronic punk duo “Humbert Humbert” with Miguel B. Núñez.

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