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Special Macbeth

Macbeth is not just any historical drama. In this play, Shakespeare intended to convey the absurdity of existence, wrapping it in bloody shades. This is the story of the traitor king, victim of the fate of his own treachery.

In you can buy the original drawings made by Raúl Arias to illustrate Macbeth.


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Special Film drawings

This new special includes 14 original drawings by Martin Romero, drawn exclusively for Vidas de Papel. In them, Martin honours great moments of cinema with his personal style.

Cat People, The Swimmer or París, Texas are some of the films chosen by the artist.

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Special Who is Uber?

In September 2014, Carla Berrocal wrote, drew, coloured and lettered Who is Uber?, an 8-page story included in Vertigo Quarterly: Magenta # 1 (DC Comics).

This special includes 8 original pages drawn by Carla Berrocal for Vértigo.

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Special Espeando a Jean Michel

This special series includes some of the original pages by Chema Peral for Esperando a Jean Michel, published in 2013 by Apa-Apa Comics.

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Special El Polo Sur

El Polo Sur tells the story of the expedition led by Scott, the expedition of the losers, just in its last stage, when the British realise that Amudsen had beaten them in the conquest of the planet's fartherst south land.

In you can buy some of the original pages drawn by Alexis Nolla to illustrate El Polo Sur.

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Special Covers of Metrópoli

The covers of Metropoli are a worldwide journalistic design landmark.

This special gathers some of the original illustrations drawn by Raúl Arias for this publication.

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Special Nuevas Hazañas Bélicas

More than fifty years later, Editores de Tebeos pays homage to the classic collection by Editorial Toray featuring Nuevas Hazañas Bélicas, a project of the writer and scriptwriter Hernán Migoya.

This special series collects the original pages drawn by Calpurnio for chapter 12, “¡Pánico en La Muela!”, of the series Nuevas Hazañas Bélicas.

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Special Paraíso

This special series includes some of the original pages by Javier Rodríguez for Paraíso Punk Rock Bar series published in the late 90s by El Víbora magazine.

Along with the original drawing, you will receive a copy of the book Paraíso Punk Rock Bar published by Dolmen Ed.

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Special El Brujo

El brujo, by Carla Berrocal, is a narrative and plastic experimentation work, an analysis exercise on the possibilities of the comic, a fun game where you delight in the story of a small man in a small island, but also of the great epic of existence itself. 

In you can purchase Carla Berrocal’s original drawings for the edition published by Edicions de Ponent from 99 euros.

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Special Troya

Troya is a story that was drawn in just one night for the 24 Hours of Angouleme BD.

Troya, Néstor F.’s proposal for 2012, is the story of a vengeance: foul-mouthed graffiti artists, crappy anecdotes and internet porn.

In you can purchase these comic pages from 60 euros.

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Special Los 120 días de Sodoma

A group of people gather together at Silling Castle for 120 days to practice all kind of sexual perversions. The 120 days of Sodom, the Marquis de Sade’s masterpiece, was the inspiration for Pasolini's Salò and a milestone in pornographic and universal literature.

In you will find the eleven original character sketches drawn by Martín for this Reino de Cordelia edition.

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Special Rojo-Autsaider Cómics

ROJO is a limited and numbered edition little box containing sixteen 20-page minicomics created by 16 authors such as Miguel Angel Martín, Paco Alcázar, Darío Adanti, Joan Cornella and ATA, among others. 

This special gathers together the original drawings created for ROJO by three of the artists: “Dogs”, by Miguel Ángel Martín; "Plastelina roja", by Joan Cornellà and "Poncho Colorado", by Darío Adanti.

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