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Special Crónica Negra

Miguel Ángel Martín illustrated the weekly supplement Crónica Negra of the daily newspaper La Crónica de León from October 1986 to February 1987.

In you will find some of these outstanding illustrations.

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Ten graphic stories, sorted out into three big sections (“Obesión”, “Fuego en el sótano” and “El orden implicado”), are collected in Toño Benavides’s El Sótano en Llamas

In you can purchase Toño Benavides’s original drawings for the edition published by Astiberri

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Special La noche

One of the best tales by Guy de Maupassant, superbly illustrated by Toño Benavides.

In you can purchase Toño Benavides’s original drawings for the edition published by Nórdica Libros from 99 euros.

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Special Vampirismo

First published in the last volume of Los hermanos de San Serapión (1819-1821), Vampirismo is one of E. T. A. Hoffmann’s masterpieces and the first great literary work in which the vampire is a woman.

In you can buy the original illustrations drawn by Toño Benavides from 99 euros.

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Special Special To build a fire

Few novels sum up Jack London’s adventurous wild world as perfectly as To Build a Fire.

In you can purchase Raúl Arias’s original drawings for the edition published by Rey Lear Ed. under the title Encender una hoguera. 

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Special Soitu Special

Miguel Ángel Martín, a comic books artist and writer who won the Yellow Kid award in 2000 (equivalent to the Oscars of comic strips), has published more than 300 illustrations in the sex section of

Now you can buy in any of his original drawings at 99 € each.

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Special Metropoli Special

Toño Benavides’s style, characterized by its elegance and expressive synthesis, has been a regular in most Spanish publishing companies for years. The Society for News Design (SND) has awarded him several prizes.

This special contains some of the illustrations published for over two years by “La última”, in the supplement Metrópoli (El Mundo).

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